Peroxide takes pride in its ethicality and sustainability and lives by 3 principles:

zero waste, durability and production. 


Every item in the purchase must be reusable. That’s why we keep our packaging minimal. Our boxes are made of recycled and recyclable cardboard that you can reuse to store your jewelry or give any other use you like. When you’re done with them, make sure you place them in the recyclable bin to give it yet another life. 

Every purchase comes with a custom Peroxide vegan leather pouch that protects silver from air damage and can also be used as a travel bag for your jewels. 

And last but not least, our mailers are made from recycled plastic, the most eco-friendly production option as it gives plastic a new life while keeping the CO2 emissions to the lowest possible when it comes to mailers. Even lower than for the creation of compostable mailers! Furthermore, our mailers are reusable as they come with a second round of sticking glue for you to reuse whenever you need to ship something. Again, once you’re done with your mailers, you can toss them in the recyclable bin, as they are 100% recyclable. 


Luxury used to stand for high quality pieces that would last a lifetime. Let’s bring this back! 

Peroxide is handmade using 925 sterling silver, a noble metal that will last you forever with the proper care. We don’t work with non noble metals, so what you see is what you get, and what you’ll always wear as all our materials are resistant to corrosion.

Peroxide strives for timeless avant-garde designs based on our vision and brand’s personality, avoiding fading trends that soon make items obsolete. 


Sustainability must be taken into consideration in every step of the production chain. 

We manufacture locally in a family owned atelier in the heart of Barcelona, and all our products are made by hand by two siblings who’ve been working in the jewelry industry since the 60s.

Our made to order model in order allows us to avoid overproduction and waste, and even our pricing is set according to an ethical mindset: adding up costs and a little margin, we price our items accordingly as we don’t want our customers to be forgotten within our ethical chain when it comes to the final price.

Peroxide is a luxury that speaks for itself in our craft, the possibility for infinite customization and tailor-made sizing that puts our clients at the center of our vision.

If you have any questions regarding Peroxide’s sustainability chain or think there is something more we could be doing in our business process, write us at